Outsource Consulting

Increase workforce efficiency and lower costs.

ACG excels in delivering an array of Outsource Consulting services that enable clients to optimize workforce efficiency and maximize profits. It's a concept that has emerged out of the vision of benefitting with the additional time zones? After all, it's always 9 to 5 somewhere in the world.
That's where ACG can help. With offices in Delhi and Atlanta and partnerships throughout the world, we help connecting you with resources both at home and abroad. We extend support to businesses that need round-the-clock tech support or call center and other such support solutions. Our outsourcing consulting helps filling positions at a fraction of the cost, without expensive infrastructure and overhead or unnecessary overtime. We extend our outsourcing consulting solutions to businesses operating across almost all the sectors. This helps get a competitive edge over most of the players in the market who focus on specific fields whereas we with our strategic partnerships, a vast network and capable professionals, lend a helping hand to businesses hailing from different industries.
    Here are some instances that speak of our excellence in delivering Outsource Consulting Solutions:
  • ACG has successfully hired additional employees in the US and India, balancing the workload across time zones for a game console manufacturer performing crucial QA testing around the clock.
  • We have set up a help desk overseas to provide much-needed tech support while avoiding overtime costs for a telecom client that was paying its IT staff overtime for after-hours support.
  • Several retailers are currently augmenting their U.S. call centers with overseas resources. ACG can help staff those resources, quickly and cost effectively
Having completed these projects successfully, ACG has carved a niche for its outsourcing services across the globe. From handling minor staffing requirements to managing large projects including on-site projects, we have had a glorious past which has been motivating us to do even better in future. That's why we have been multiplying our capabilities and simultaneously those of our clients' so as to fulfill all our clients' requirements over the years. It's our quality benchmarks and commitment towards achieving 100% customer satisfaction that keeps us on our toes at all times. We are the go-to consulting partner for all our clients' outsourcing requirements and make it a mark to offer solutions that help them achieve their business objectives within stipulated time frames. Further, in this era of perfection, where businesses operating in almost all the sectors need to cut through fierce competition, we handle their outsourcing needs allowing them to retain their focus in their core operations.