Managed Services

Whatever you name, we've got a team for that

Our expertise goes beyond the staffing solutions and makes us proudly operate as an eminent Managed Services provider. At ArrowCore Group, we build and manage part-time and limited-time-contract teams to supplement our clients' existing staff, tackle mission-critical projects and meet difficult deadlines. This is another significant way of increasing workforce efficiency that many across the globe now consider to rely on. While not every business is able to receive the desired results by outsourcing their projects, we ensure that each project undertaken by us is completed within stipulated time and meets the clients' expectations. For each project undertaken by us, quality remains the top most priority that at no cost is ever compromised by our teams. We also conduct quality audits at specific intervals to ensure our clients' satisfaction. Additionally, our project leads and representatives make it a mark to be available to be contacted by the clients as and when required and they even ensure to resolve any complaints and issues raised by them.
Depending on the project parameters, managed teams can work onsite at the clients' offices, or be located offsite in a temporary location.
This is one of our most sought after solutions that have helped our clients meet their projects' requirements, further motivating them to maintain their long term association with us. We proudly maintain a long list of clients, which significantly helps us maintain an edge for ourselves amid the fierce competition in the market. Further, when it comes to deploying managed services teams at our clients' locations, we ensure that the teams chosen by us are clear about the objectives of the project.

Industry Experts

The specialized teams at ACG include highly qualified consultants and industry experts—making our managed services a great way to hire innovative & experienced problem solvers to further deliver business results.

    We offer Managed Services for:
  • Database Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Network Optimization
  • Software or Web Development
  • QA Testing
  • IT Help Desk Services

Managed Services serve as the apt deal for businesses prefer to maintain lean setups by outsourcing some of their functions. This makes me rely on Managed Services Providers who hold the expertise in the desired functions and further collaborate with the clients to make a decision on whether a team is needed to be deployed onsite or offsite. This doesn't just save the hiring costs and project implementation costs but also brings in the expertise of a specialized team with proven excellence.

ACG aims to build faithful relationships with each of its clients and thus ensures to deliver value to each one of them. Every project at ACG is taken care of precisely and the project heads timely assure that the projects are being met. Each project is assigned to specific teams that are timely assessed and trained to match the growing market requirements. We enable our clients to leverage highly skilled and experienced resources on part-time or temporary basis. We also provide them with the ability to alter the teams as per their emerging requirements.